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Every caring role is different and as such each carer needs their own tailored information and advice to support them. We offer a whole range of bespoke information and advice services to suit each carers needs.


We aim to empower carers to make informed choices and provide specialist advice and support including: 
•  Information on financial and legal rights  •  Advice on respite services
•  Advice on accessing social care and health and wellbeing services  •  Emotional support
•  Support with getting out and about, including social groups and carers groups
•  Specialist training courses for carers


At the hub we offer telephone information and advice or one to one appoitmnets for carers where we will sit and chat with you about your role as a carer and any areas where you feel you need support. We will provide expert advice on a range of things from practical support in your home, any adaptations needed, financial advice and signposting, respite support, support or your own wellbeing or carers clubs and activities. We also offer carers assessments – a more formal approach to deciding what advice and support you need as a carer.

Carers assessments


From April 2015, as part of The Care Act, local councils across England had to legally commit to offering all carers caring for an adult (who feel they need some support) a carers’ assessment. 


Parent carers caring for a child or young carers caring for an adult or child also have a right to an assessment of their own under the Children and Families Act 2014.

Carers' assessments are offered from the hub, or we can come out to visit you at home if you prefer. A carers’ assessment is a more formal opportunity for carers to discuss with us their own needs and feelings as a carer and what support or services they feel they need to help them continue caring.


A carers’ assessment will look at:
• the carer's needs for support
•    the practical and emotional sustainability of the caring role
•    the carers willingness and ability to continue to provide this support 
The carers’ assessment must also look at the impact of the caring role on the carers
• health & wellbeing
• caring responsibilities they may have for a child or children or any other person they may provide care for
• ability to work; access education or training or engage in recreational activities
• what  the carer wishes to seek to achieve in their  daily life and whether support could help them  achieve these things
• whether you or the person you are caring for would benefit from preventative support or information and advice.


If you want a carers assessment, simply give us call, or drop us an email and we will be in touch to arrange this.



Peace of mind emergency card


We offer a peace of mind emergency card to all carers. This offers you peace of mind should something happen to you, that the person you care for will be supported in your absence.  Any carer living in the Dudley borough can join the basic scheme, simply contact us and we can get you signed up.


How does it work? 

Your information is recorded on the council’s Dudley Telecare Service database.

We send you a card and key fob with your unique code number and emergency telephone number

If you, the carer, have an emergency people can contact the emergency number and in turn your nominees will be contacted to inform them that their support is required in your absence. 



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